My plan

I just returned from traveling around-the-world. I visited: England, India, Thailand, Laos, China, Japan, Tiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia and New Zealand. If you're interested in more details, you can checkout my travelogue and my photo galleries.

I'm currently in the process of re-launching my consulting company, blissDROP Consulting. I'm going to be focusing on small-business computer support, interactive website development and software development.

My family email addresses are

Me: bindu(at)wavell(period)net
Jane: janesea(at)artlifeprocess(period)com (Mum)
Colin: colin(at)wavell(period)net (Dad)
Nancy: nancy(at)wavell(period)net (Sister)
Jessica: jessbyers(at)earthlink(period)net (Sister)

My work

I used to work as a Software Architect at eConvergent, Inc. in Longmont, CO. I designed and developed Customer Relationship Management software. My specialty is CTI system integration, although I have been involved in overall system architecture and design for years.

We did quite a lot of work with heterogeneous middleware to provide an accelerated integration framework. I started out doing media blending, routing and switching. Our first telephony offering was based on Interactive Intelligence's Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC). Also did the work on our Legacy ACD integration project using CISCO's ICM products to generalize the CTI and reporting interfaces to Legacy ACDs.

After the bubble burst, we "revisioned" ourselves as a product company and I was the team lead/lead architect for our 360 degree server. Which was basically a high performance transaction system that could collect and correlate customer and interaction data. We were successfull in building a reliable, scaleable and portable real-time system.

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