April 30, 2003

Delhi Belly

So after months of good health in India. I finally sucumbed to Delhi belly... In Delhi of all places... Kept me in bed for a couple days. I got better and then.. Somehow tweaked my neck and spent today on anti-inflamatory drugs with lots of hot packs... Shesh...

And for some reason I don't feel down about this... Not sure why... Maybe it's because I don't have any plans or anything else that needs doing and taking care of myself is actually a really nice thing to do... (despite having to.)

I spent a day (a few days ago) doing a Delhi tour. Mostly it sucked. Not very interesting things to see (Indira Gadhi's House for example.) I think most of the sites were geared towards Indian tourists. The Lotus Temple was really lovely!!! First time I've really felt the power of a pyramidal structure... and it isn't really a pyramid... Just has that magical sense of space inside... Other than that we drove past most of the other interesting places (Red Fort and the tall phalus thingy... ah... tower.. I don't remember the name)

Other than that. I've been reading, watching TV, being sick, walking around markets, surfing the net, eating good food. Has actually been really relaxing.

I'm very excited to leave for Thailand in a couple days. I just confirmed my flight and although the time has changed, the flight is still supposed to go. Yay. I'm esp. excited about learning to Scuba dive. Anyone out there know a good Scuba school on Ko Tao?

As for SARS, I expect I'll extend my stay in Thailand for an extra month and I really hope that a cure/treatment has been found. Because it will be very hard for me to miss Hong Kong, China... Will see as the time comes.

Much Love!

-- Bindu

Posted by binduwavell at April 30, 2003 10:12 AM

Yo Yo Ma....Just touching base. Have fun under the water, Meagan says HELLO BINDU !!!!!! Do well and have fun. Vaughan

Posted by: Von Haxrt on May 10, 2003 09:35 AM

Yo man !!! You got sick in my city ... Too bad for me as I was not there to help you anything ... How are the things now. I hope alls fine. Having fun ???? Pinky says Hi to you ...

Posted by: Gopesh on June 4, 2003 05:02 AM
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