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My Projects:
  • I recently converted a RadioShack remote control car into an autonomous robot. I used the Texas Instruments SN754410NE Quad Half H-Bridge to control the motors (drive and stearing). I used the GP2D12 range finder to detect obstacles. The controller is a point-to-point wired Atmel AVR board that I designed.
  • I just got some more sensors from Acroname. I have the Sharp GP2D12 and GPD15 Distance Detectors. I also got a Hamamatsu Photoreflector. I haven't done anything with these yet, but I'm sure I will soon :)
  • I got a copule of Texas Instruments SN754410NE Quad Half H-Bridge chips as samples from the TI web site. I managed to hook one of these  up to my Tamiya Twin-Motor Gearbox this weekend so that will probably be the base to the BOTBoard 2..
  • Here is a picture of my first (non-lego) robot ever!!! It drives forward, if it bumps into something in front of it, it backs up turns around (slightly more than 180 degrees) and then goes forward again. Very simple really -- it emulates one of the built in behaviors of my Lego Robotics Discovery Set.
  • I also purchased an OOPic from Acroname. My order was here in 1 day!!! It helps that Acroname is based in Boulder, CO, which is where I live... I purchased a couple of Futaba S3003 servos from the local Hobby Town USA. The folks over there were nice, but pretty clueless when it comes to building robots, or even hacking existing stuff. One of the servos was DOA so I need to go exchange it, I have performed the continuous rotation servo hack that is described all over the place, here for example.
  • The BotBoard 2 is complete. See picture. I still need to check the Piezo Speaker which I'm pretty sure won't work, but everything else appears to be good.
  • I have ordered a BOTBoard 2 from the Parts Man over at the Portland Area Robotics Society. I have also ordered most of the parts listed in the manual. Unfortunately quite a lot of the parts are not available from the suppliers indicated with the part numbers that are shown.
General Robotics:
Mobile Robots
Practial Robotics
Build Your Own Robot!

Microcontroller References:
M68HC11 Reference Manaual (The Pink Book)
Programming & Customizing HC11 Microcontroller

Lego Mindstorms:
Lego Mindstorms Robots

Basic Electronics
The Art Of Electronics

I also purchased the "Electronics Learing Lab" from Radio Shack which has a couple books (one analog and one digital). This is a GREAT BUY!!!

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